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Macadamia Nut Oil As Dietary Fat. Potential Health Benefits.

Agro Food Industry Hi Tech. 2018;29(6):18-20. Site:


Macadamia oil (MO) is obtained by cold pressing the nuts of two species of Proteaceae’s family, the Macadamia Integrifolia and the Macadamia Tetraphilla. MO is an attractive gourmet oil because of its stability during cooking due to the high smoke point. MO contains up to 80% of monounsaturated fatty acids and is the main dietary source of palmitoleic acid (POA). In cell culture and animals models, MO and POA have been shown to improve lipid and glucose metabolism and reduce inflammation. These beneficial effects suggest that MO may be a valuable dietary fat, especially in the countries where other MUFA rich oils are not available; however more research is needed to elucidate the impact of dietary MO on health.

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